Recently changed messages include:

  • editing
  • editingcomment
  • editingsection
  • enablerichtexteditor
  • enablespellchecker
  • rte-ck-modeSwitch-toSourceTooltip
  • rte-ck-modeSwitch-toWysiwygTooltip
  • rte-ck-table-toolbarTooltip
  • tog-createpagepopupdisabled
  • tog-disablecategoryselect
  • wikia-editor-edittools-caption
  • wikia-editor-loadingStates-loading
  • wikia-editor-loadingStates-saving
  • wikia-editor-loadingStates-toSource
  • wikia-editor-loadingStates-toVisual
  • wikia-editor-media-gallery-tooltip
  • wikia-editor-media-image-tooltip
  • wikia-editor-media-slider-tooltip
  • wikia-editor-media-slideshow-tooltip
  • wikia-editor-media-video-tooltip
  • wikia-editor-modules-categories-title
  • wikia-editor-modules-templates-add-tooltip
  • ...and otherwise check that RTE - Base and RTE - CK Wikia on translatewiki are 100% translated.

If you spot any other (missing) message which was recently updated, please add it to the list. Thanks!

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