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MediaWiki:Recentchangestext New pages - New files - Logs
MediaWiki:Recentchanges Recent changes Page title, box label - also controls text of sidebar link
MediaWiki:Rcnotefrom Below are the changes since $2 (up to $1 shown).
MediaWiki:Rclinks Show last $1 changes in last $2 days
MediaWiki:Rcshowhideanons $1 anons
MediaWiki:Rcshowhidebots $1 bots
MediaWiki:Rcshowhideenhanced $1 grouped recent changes
MediaWiki:Rcshowhideliu $1 users
MediaWiki:Rcshowhidemine $1 my edits
MediaWiki:Rcshowhideminor $1 minor edits
MediaWiki:Rcshowhidepatr $1 patrolled edits
MediaWiki:Rclistfrom Show new changes starting from $1
MediaWiki:Namespace Namespace
MediaWiki:Invert Exclude namespace

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